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Hello Players, Moving ahead with the implementations we would like to introduce our Guild Package for your group of friends joining our server as a guild. Below is the list of items included :

1 Emperium
5k AD Bottles
1k EDP Bottles
8 sets of Tidal Wool Scarf set
8 Clip [1]
8 Raydric Cards
8 Matyr Cards
8 Peco Peco Card
8 Thara Frog Card
5 Guild EXP Scroll
3 100% Battle Manual Box
100 Legendary recovery box
5000 LOM Blue Pots (additional)
2x life insurance box (10 life insurance each box)
2x Chocolate drink box (50 item each)
5x Lutie Lady's Pancake box
5x Mastela Fruit Wine box
5x Spicy Fried Bao box
5x Steamed Bat Wing in Pumpkin box
5x Green Salad box
5x Fried Scorpion Tails box
120 LOM Tokens (10 per player)
1 treasure box (per Player)
10x Bloody Branch

Do keep in mind there are some conditions to get the above Guild Package. For further info do get in touch with the LOM team members.

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