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- as per the command it will restock (add) items from your storage. 

How does it work?

If you have 100 LOM White Potions and you use up 99 of them,  @restock command will automatically refill set quantity of LOM White Potions from your storage or guild storage.

How to use @restock command?

First enable restock command with @restock 

then add item with @restock2 command like below

@restock2 <ItemID> <Quantity> <restock from> <type>(without <>)

Restock from 
1 - Storage
2 - Gstorage


1 - add
2 - remove
3 - remove all items.

for example if you wish to add 50 LOM white Potions in the list then command would look like this:

To add item from storage: 
@restock2  2000073 50 1 1

To remove Item:
@restock2 2000073 50 1 2

You can list out all items available on restock list using below command

@restock2 x y z 5    

Once an item is listed in restock, it cannot be removed until you manually remove it. It will be available even after you re-login.


For any further queries contact the GM Team in forums, in-game or on Discord.

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