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Hello Players

We have made some changes in the hunting missions. SO here is a guide for the same.

Hunting mission is one of the ways to get LOM tokens. You can accept hunting missions to hunt monsters and collect LOM tokens.

For this, you need to visit lounge and talk to NPC “Hunting missions”




You will receive missions to kill any of the following monsters:


You have to kill 60 of each monster. Once you complete the mission you will receive 5 LOM Tokens and some EXP.

Points to remember

  1. Monsters will be random from above list.
  2. You can kill monsters with your party members.
  3. This quest can be accepted above level 85 (Transcendent and non- transcendent).
  4. After completing mission cool down time is 1 hour.
  5. In case if you abandon mission you have to wait for an hour before you accept another mission.
  6. You can claim rewards from LOM Reward shop which is next to the Hunting missions NPC.


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