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Hello Players,

We are excited to introducing the Mining quest

To start quest,  talk to Granny at Einbech 93, 223



She will ask you to bring 10 pcs of Lantern. Once you provide her lanterns she will ask below items

10 Old Pick

20 Toxic Gas

20 Dust Pollutant

20 Flashlight

After that she will tell you to meet Miner NPC at lounge to get normal pickaxe. (You can create as many times as you want however pickaxe will be character bound)




To get pickaxe you need to provide below items:

50 Trunk

10,000 Zeny

When you mine a stone, there is a 5% chance that your pickaxe will break. When it does, it is lost forever and you must make a new one. However, if you use the Drill, that chance goes away and your weapon will not break.

Maps available for mining:

Coal Mine / Mjolnir Dead Pit

Einbroch Mine Dungeon

Lou Yang Dungeon

Ayothaya Ancient Shrine


If you succeed in mining, you will receive either 1, or 2 Mining Tokens along with other Items at random success chance.

Drops from mining


Mining Tokens can be redeemed for items described below.


Each map will have 5 stones. The mining attempt can be made at these 5 stones only.  After each attempt at a stone, cool down will be 30 minutes. The rewards obtained using the Mining Token will be updated periodically.


If you have any questions or want to know more, contact the GM Team.

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