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New refining UI and Blacksmith's Blessing Guide

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Hello Players,

We are proud to announce new feature of refining system “Blacksmith’s Blessing”. As the name suggests, Blacksmiths Blessing is truly blessing for those who love to refine their equips. It prevents your equipment from breaking while refining.

The refining UI has been changed from the conventional look to a new look to enable the use of Blacksmith’s Blessing.

Before we proceed, have a look at how to refine in the new and improved interface.

When you click on the refine npc of any city you will see the refining window like below:



In the new refining window you do not need to equip. You can directly select the item you wish to refine. It will be shown like below image:




It will show you

1. Items required for the refining

2. Success chance of the refining

3. Cost for the refining in zeny.

If you have more than 1 refining material like Elunium and Enriched Elunium (for example) in your inventory, then you can select one of them. The blue check near the item shows selected material. For example you can select Enriched Elunium or Elunium to refine the Tights



Once you select the material you will be able to proceed by choosing the “Refine” button below.

Success and failure will be shown as below:


If refining is successful: 




If Refining is a failure:




In this image it will ask you if you wish to proceed with the next refinement or you wish to go back. In case of next refinement, it will show you the refining rate and cost. Material will be the same which you used earlier.


Blacksmith’s Blessing will not be usable till you have +7 equipment since it secures your refining item from breaking and super refining (from +7 to +10) has higher chance of breaking.





Just like the refining item, you will have the option of choosing whether you wish to select the Blacksmith’s Blessing or not.


Blacksmith's Blessing not selected:



Blacksmith's Blessing Selected:



You will also receive notification according to the selection of the Blacksmith’s Blessing.

Once you are ready with the selection you can proceed with refining.

Below are the cost of refining using blacksmith's Blessing

+7 refine -> +8 refine: 1 each failure

+8 refine -> +9 refine: 2 each failure

+9 refine -> +10 refine: 4 each failure


The Blacksmith's Blessing is available in pack of 10 and 50 with cost of 1 and 4 Credits respectively in Legends of Midgard Shop.


In case of any queries, please reach out to anyone from the GM Team here or on our Discord.


Happy refining!!



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