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  2. Are you an aspiring streamer who wants to spread a word about Legends of Midgard?? The Legends of Midgard streamer program is a perfect opportunity for aspiring content creators to showcase their talent when it comes on streaming. To be a part of streaming program: · You must have knowledge about Ragnarok Online · You must have at-least 50 followers on Twitch/Facebook Page · Minimum of 2 hours a day for every stream. · You must stream Legends of Midgard for at least 2 hours a day and 3 times a week. · Must
  3. Hello Players!!!! We have implemented Floating Exp and Drop Rates on the server. The details for these rates are as below : MON TO FRI 1:30AM TO 3:30 AM DROP RATE 1.5X 6:30 AM TO 8:30 AM EXP RATE 2X 12:30PM TO 2:30PM DROP RATE 1.5X SAT FULL DAY 1.5X DROP SUN FULL DAY 2X EXP
  4. Hello Players Firstly, We would like to apologize for staying away for a while. The LOM Team has been working tirelessly to bring in new features to maximize your experience and fixing some bugs. We are back with some updates which would be rolled out pretty soon. To compensate for staying away, we would like to give you all a sneak peek into what we have been up to. So here is a line up of some additions we plan to implement starting next week onwards. 1. Guild Package ( combination of equips, usable items, cards, donates etc. contents will be shared in a day or two) 2. Cu
  5. Hello Players, Moving ahead with the implementations we would like to introduce our Guild Package for your group of friends joining our server as a guild. Below is the list of items included : 1 Emperium 5k AD Bottles 1k EDP Bottles 8 sets of Tidal Wool Scarf set 8 Clip [1] 8 Raydric Cards 8 Matyr Cards 8 Peco Peco Card 8 Thara Frog Card 5 Guild EXP Scroll 3 100% Battle Manual Box 100 Legendary recovery box 5000 LOM Blue Pots (additional) 2x life insurance box (10 life insurance each box) 2x Chocolate drink box (50 item each) 5x Lutie Lady's Pancake box 5x
  6. Hello Players A lot of you have requested the GM team to increase the drop rates. So we obliged and decided to increase the drop rate from 20x to 30x. So the official rates now are 60x/60x/30x. Enjoy!
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