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    • Hello Players, We are proud to announce new feature of refining system : “Blacksmith’s Blessing”. As the name suggests, Blacksmiths Blessing is truly blessing for those who love to refine their equips. It prevents your equipment from breaking while refining. The refining UI has been changed from the conventional look to a new look to enable the use of Blacksmith’s Blessing. Before we proceed, have a look at how to refine in the new and improved interface. When you click on the refine npc of any city you will see the refining window like below:   In the new refining window you do not need to equip. You can directly select the item you wish to refine. It will be shown like below image:     It will show you 1. Items required for the refining 2. Success chance of the refining 3. Cost for the refining in zeny. If you have more than 1 refining material like Elunium and Enriched Elunium (for example) in your inventory, then you can select one of them. The blue check near the item shows selected material. For example you can select Enriched Elunium or Elunium to refine the Tights   Once you select the material you will be able to proceed by choosing the “Refine” button below. Success and failure will be shown as below:   If refining is successful:      If Refining is a failure:     In this image it will ask you if you wish to proceed with the next refinement or you wish to go back. In case of next refinement, it will show you the refining rate and cost. Material will be the same which you used earlier.   Blacksmith’s Blessing will not be usable till you have +7 equipment since it secures your refining item from breaking and super refining (from +7 to +10) has higher chance of breaking.     Just like the refining item, you will have the option of choosing whether you wish to select the Blacksmith’s Blessing or not.   Blacksmith's Blessing not selected:   Blacksmith's Blessing Selected:   You will also receive notification according to the selection of the Blacksmith’s Blessing. Once you are ready with the selection you can proceed with refining. Below are the cost of refining using blacksmith's Blessing +7 refine -> +8 refine: 1 each failure +8 refine -> +9 refine: 2 each failure +9 refine -> +10 refine: 4 each failure   The Blacksmith's Blessing is available in pack of 10 and 50 with cost of 1 and 4 Credits respectively in Legends of Midgard Shop.   In case of any queries, please reach out to anyone from the GM Team here or on our Discord.   Happy refining!!
    • solved thanks to the lom team
    • Are you an aspiring streamer who wants to spread a word about Legends of Midgard??   The Legends of Midgard streamer program is a perfect opportunity for aspiring content creators to showcase their talent when it comes on streaming.   To be a part of streaming program: ·         You must have knowledge about Ragnarok Online ·         You must have at-least 50 followers on Twitch/Facebook Page ·         Minimum of 2 hours a day for every stream. ·         You must stream Legends of Midgard for at least 2 hours a day and 3 times a week. ·         Must include #LOM #LegendsOfMidgard in your description. ·         All the useful links must be on Pinned Comment with following description while streaming   Join Legends of Midgard today! 60x/60x/30x (Floating rates) Item Name (ID) Description For Streamer 10x Megaphone Allow server-wide message broadcasting. ( for streamer use onlye) LOM Token x 100 For streamer use LOM Legendary Pass Access to dungeons and instances without quest and conditions. Expires every month. Nontransferable. Account bound an costume with effects (of choice) Will have effect which can be used as a show item any item if needed for stream Need Game masters approval to use Rewards LOM Legendary Pass Access to dungeons and instances without quest and conditions. Expires every month. Nontransferable. Account bound 1 Wing (of choice) any wing of your choice from donates 1 Head gear of choice( Donates) any wing of your choice from donates 10 Credits Depending on the event ( approval required) 1 box AD / EDP contains 250 Acid and grenade bottles / 100 Poison Bottle an costume with effects (of choice) Will have effect which can be used as a show item   Create an account by visiting https://bit.ly/37scbiY Download the game from link Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/groups/448276506131911 and Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/j2SMWraHAz for further updates.   Please use this overlay: *Image* - Will be updated Privileged for being official streamer of Legends of Midgard 60x/60x/30x (Floating rates)   Note: You should give all the streamer giveaway before you end your stream, abused streamer giveaway will result for the streamer to be removed on our streamer program. ·         We are here to support you all the way, that's why for every 1k followers added on your page we are going to provide special giveaway for your supporters!   Salary of the streamer will depend on your follower count. 1st Month Reward (New streamer will undergo 1 month probation wherein we are going to observe your stream performance. You can do any content that you want as long as it is related to Legends of Midgard   If your followers donate to LOM, they get 5% extra credits, and you get equal credits. Please fill up this form: https://forms.gle/T4oMFXw1Uutaws2n7 All application will be reviewed, and all qualified application will undergo on Discord interview.   Note to every streamer: Once accepted   ·         Legends of Midgard is the only Ragnarok Online Server you can stream. However, you can still stream other games that you want. ·         We are going to provide the give-away for every stream. ·         You must use it properly because we are going to check your streams and how you handle those giveaway items. ·         Having a webcam is not necessary as long as you have a mic so that you can answer your viewer questions. It's all good! ·         We have the rights to cancel our partnership if you consistently fail streaming. All the rewards will be waived.  
    • The Quest Part of the Warper has been removed. So now all players can use the warper directly.
    • Hello Players, We are excited to introducing the Mining quest To start quest,  talk to Granny at Einbech 93, 223     She will ask you to bring 10 pcs of Lantern. Once you provide her lanterns she will ask below items 10 Old Pick 20 Toxic Gas 20 Dust Pollutant 20 Flashlight After that she will tell you to meet Miner NPC at lounge to get normal pickaxe. (You can create as many times as you want however pickaxe will be character bound)     To get pickaxe you need to provide below items: 50 Trunk 10,000 Zeny When you mine a stone, there is a 5% chance that your pickaxe will break. When it does, it is lost forever and you must make a new one. However, if you use the Drill, that chance goes away and your weapon will not break. Maps available for mining: Coal Mine / Mjolnir Dead Pit Einbroch Mine Dungeon Lou Yang Dungeon Ayothaya Ancient Shrine   If you succeed in mining, you will receive either 1, or 2 Mining Tokens along with other Items at random success chance. Drops from mining     Mining Tokens can be redeemed for items described below. Each map will have 5 stones. The mining attempt can be made at these 5 stones only.  After each attempt at a stone, cool down will be 30 minutes. The rewards obtained using the Mining Token will be updated periodically.   If you have any questions or want to know more, contact the GM Team.
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